Frequently Asked Questions

Pristine Sprays are intended to be sprayed onto toilet paper (paper towel or reusable cloth if you are changing diapers), but it is delicate enough to be sprayed directly onto the skin. Spray away. It’s a personal preference. We recommend between 3-5 sprays per wipe which is enough to moisten the toilet paper, but not too much to saturate it. If you are using paper towels or reusable cloth for diaper changes we recommend using a few more sprays to adequately moisten the towel or cloth. There’s no scientific formula, but about 2 inches works for us. If the toilet paper does not appear to be moist enough after 3-4 sprays, try holding the bottle closer to the toilet paper. Nope! Pristine allows you to moisten toilet paper just enough to provide an effective cleanse, but not so much that you destroy your TP. If you are in the market for Pristine, you have likely had the unfortunate experience of wetting toilet paper in a sink. Pristine does not cause that effect. If you have this problem, try pulling a little more toilet paper (e.g., 6 squares) and folding it over twice. Some toilet paper is thin, so we recommend a double fold if beading or tearing issues arise. Even though you are using more toilet paper per wipe, you will typically use less toilet paper per restroom use because of the efficiency of Pristine. Pristine Sprays are made of natural ingredients similar to ingredients found in natural face, hair, and body cleansers. The ingredients are much safer than the harsh chemicals dumped into the toilet and sinks to clean and unclog. No way. Toilet paper begins to disintegrate within seconds of being placed in the toilet, and it further breaks down as it makes its way down the pipes. Wipes are made of nonwoven fabric, which does not disintegrate easily, even if labeled “flushable.” This is precisely why we formulated Pristine Sprays - to work specifically with toilet paper to create a virtual wet wipe that is biodegradable and actually disintegrates. Caveat – if your #2 requires half a roll of toilet paper, chances are you will need a plunger, but we assure you, it won’t be because of the Pristine Sprays. In fact, using Pristine Sprays makes use of your toilet paper much more effective and efficient, so chances are you will ultimately use less toilet paper regardless of the nature of your #2. Maybe employ a courtesy flush for good measure. No question is dumb. This is a novel concept and a much needed update in the way we maintain our personal hygiene. Pristine Sprays does not cause paper towels, reusable cloth, or wet wipes for that matter, to become biodegradable or capable of disintegrating in water, so those items must be disposed in trash cans or cleaned per the directions. Toilet paper just happens to disintegrate in water all on its own. No. Pristine Sprays are for external use only and should not be ingested or used internally. This is a skin cleanser, not a beverage or enema. On that note, although the ingredients in Pristine Sprays are natural and/or naturally derived and gentle, some people may be extra sensitive. If you develop an allergic reaction or any irritation, please stop use immediately and contact your physician. We have pledged to avoid animal testing and encourage you to do the same! Therefore, we cannot say whether Pristine Sprays are safe for use on animals, and we don't recommend that you try to find out. Cats, and many animals, cleanse themselves by licking their fur, so they could ultimately ingest the spray.